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W. R. Pelfrey, Everything About My Life

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My Life History, Adversity Of A Severely Disabled Veteran

My Life Briefly Explained

 W. R. Pelfrey
Welcome to My Website, WRPelfrey.com, covering everything about me. It covers my past, present, and future. This includes my military life, sporadic work history, and my faith. I'm a Severely Disabled Veteran, I've been a multi-talented Professional Engineer, and one who believes in God. This Website tells my story of how I became a Severely Disabled Veteran and my future plans around my disabilities, exploiting my abilities.
Those who I worked for in the past always gave me help working around all of my Military Service Connected Disabilities ( MSCDs ) and Post Traumatic Stress Syndromes ( PTSSs ). I wish to thank all of them for their invaluable understanding of all my Medical Problems when working for them and when I was unable to work for long periods of time!
Providing a Resume of my past work history is worthless. It mostly contains my many repeating sicknesses, chronic illnesses, and permanent disabilities. These caused by my MSCDs, PTSSs, and later, by the Veteran's Administration ( VAs ) Medical Malpractice of my case. For many years, these are the causes of discontinuous fragmented work record, and, eventually making me unemployable, unable to keep any job.
With all of this adversity, I still enjoyed many different industry jobs throughout the years. It has been my curiosity in different aspects of the industry, continuous ability to learn, cumulative knowledge, and ever expanding creative abilities that has kept me going. Everything I've ever learned has been hands on as I have no College Degree, just many years of On The Job Training.